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About me

In 2018, my 6-figure web design business was a magnet for A-list clients & awards.

But behind the scenes, it was a hamster wheel of stress — chasing deadlines, constantly overwhelmed, running but never getting anywhere. Drowning in a sea of work, I had no time for myself. Stacking endless hours only compounded the situation. My joy of running a business was replaced with imposter syndrome & burnout.

My research led me to the world of neuroscience. I discovered:

  • Willpower is limited
  • Mental energy comes in waves
  • Focus is what moves the needle

I learned to match my work with my energy patterns. I developed my productivity approach called “Focus Drivers”.

It allowed me to:

  • Adapt to changes in energy
  • Work the way my mind does
  • Lean into natural highs & lows
  • Assign tasks a mental effort (mode)

Everything changed!

The change was dramatic. Deep work skyrocketed from 1 hr to a crazy 3.5 hours. My productivity tripled, while stress and uncertainty vanished. Overwhelm? I dropkicked it to the ground, then buried it in the woods where it’ll never be found.

Now I’m on a mission to help creative business owners find freedom, fuel focus and reclaim their time.

Dave Meier

Dave Meier