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About me

I started my web design business to gain freedom and independence.

For over a decade, it thrived and grew into an award-winning agency. I won awards, was featured in books, built a high-profile client list, and became an expert in my field.

But the busier I got, the more unfocused and inefficient I became.

I thought working longer hours was the solution. It became an endless grind. I lost sight of why I began this journey.

I lost my freedom.

As a husband and father, constant work wasn’t sustainable. I needed a better solution, so I turned to the science of productivity and focus. What I discovered was freeing.

Willpower and time weren’t the answer. Our mental energy comes in waves, so we can’t approach every moment with the same intensity. I started planning work in sync with how my mind operates naturally.

I learned when to push hard, when to slow down, and when to switch off.

This made me more productive, relaxed, and in control of each day. Most importantly, I began to regain the freedom and joy of running my own business.

Now I run a business that teaches creators how to fuel their focus and reclaim their time.

Dave Meier

Dave Meier