Dave Meier
January 15, 2023
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5 lessons I’ve learned from taking Twitter seriously for 30 days

It took a few weeks of posting and commenting for Twitter to click. Now I get it. It’s social. Converse and share your unique perspective.

My 5 takeaways:

1. Scroll Stops

Not all engagement is helpful.
A like or retweet takes no effort.
It does not show resonance or attention.

People must stop scrolling to comment, DM or quote retweet.

Seek Resonance.

2. Find YOUR People

Attract people you can help.
They’ll become subscribers, supporters, friends, teachers or customers.

Bigger accounts are still humans.
They value interesting & helpful perspectives.

Contribute DON’T Compliment.

3. Tweet and Comment

Small accounts are unknown.
Comment on larger accounts to gain more exposure.

Create a consistent tweet timeline, so people know what to expect.

Clear, NOT Clever.

4. Engagement is NOT Expertise

I’ve been in business 14 years.
I see viral threads offering lousy advice.

Emulate the tactics, NOT the content.

5. Compound Value

A newsletter is an anchor point to help steer what you tweet.
Create a smaller step than pushing a product straight away.

Build steps that add value, rapport and commitment for followers.

Compound Quality.