Dave Meier
January 11, 2023
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Provide the Path NOT the Outcome

People are NOT looking for help with an outcome.

They know what they want but don’t know how to get there.

They need your path.

Creating a path means taking people on a journey. 🗺️

How do paths help?

  • Showcase you as the expert
  • Your unique way to get there
  • Turns goals into strategies and tactics
  • A process to achieve a desired outcome

“You want to get where? Ok, I got the directions to get you there fast”

Paths Provide Progress

An outcome may take years to achieve.

That is a long time to stay motivated and moving.

Small steps each day creates clarity.

People see progress along the way, which increases your value.

Paths Create Community

Others on the same path can:

  • Help people behind them.
  • Learn from those ahead of them.
  • Share the journey with others beside them.

What makes your product path unique?

  • Process: Steps they’ll Take
  • Audience: People they’ll Meet
  • Benefits: Shortcuts they’ll Discover
  • Pain points: Dead ends they’ll Avoid

Existing paths:

  • Ship30 = Write every day for 30 days.
  • Atomic Habits = Create triggers and habits.
  • Focus Drivers = Group tasks by cognitive effort.
  • Building a Second Brain = Create a personal knowledge management system.

People use the above examples for various intended outcomes.

Your path is a unique process which can lead to a desired outcome.

Show them the way by providing the path, NOT the outcome.