Dave Meier
July 25, 2021
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Before we can start checklist

This checklist removes the excitement and impatience to get started – replacing it with a logical process to follow for every new project.


  • Get you what you need before you can start a project.
  • Avoid doing any heavy lifting until the project is real.
  • Prevents important steps being missed.
  • Reduce friction getting paid.
  • Only loop in relevant people.


01. Complete the account setup form

Asks for both project and billing points of contact. 

02. Issue Contract, Schedule and Invoice

Step 01 gets us the relevant details to send contract, invoices and Basecamp invites to the right people.

03. Confirm deposit paid and contract signed

Donโ€™t start a new project until money has landed in your bank and the contract is signed.

04. Schedule Basecamp run through

Successful projects are built on good communication. 

  • Book in a short onboarding in your project management app.
  • Take clients through how to upload content, view tasks, see the timeline or ask questions.
  • Show them why itโ€™s important to use Basecamp as the one central source of truth.