Dave Meier
August 5, 2021
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Web design is a complex job of connection

You connect client expectations and offerings with customers needs and desires.

You connect best practices and approaches from everywhere and apply them to your work. You utilise a skill set far beyond graphic design. Influential designers understand people โ€“ learning about emotion, decision making, behavioural patterns.

You learn fast and utilise the latest technology โ€“ making it do amazing things.

You wear many hats โ€“ project manager, marketer, salesperson, art director.

People are complex and need more than shiny graphics to convince them to hire you, approve your designs or listen to your advice. Experts donโ€™t keep throwing designs at a client until one gets approved. They educate clients as to how a design addresses their needs. 

Great designers make clients feel involved in a project, creating a connection with the designs.