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Focus Drivers • Self-paced Course

Frustrated to Focused
in 90 Minutes

Learn how to work with your brain's natural highs and lows. Saving your mental energy for the important things. Stop wishing for more hours in the day and start optimizing the hours you do have for maximum focus and productivity.

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The traditional workday is draining your producitivty

Here’s the uncomfortable truth:

  • Multitasking and context switching drain us more than we realize.
  • Our days get derailed by trivial tasks and distractions.
  • Maintaining focus and motivation becomes a struggle as energy fluctuates.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could:

  • Gauge the mental energy needed for different types of tasks
  • Group tasks based on focus modes for optimal productivity
  • Organise your day to maximise high-energy periods and reduce distractions
  • Fine-tune strategies that work with your natural cognitive rhythms

That’s the power of Focus Drivers – a mindset and approach to transform your focus from scattered to hyper-productive in under 90 minutes.

Focus Drivers is the result of 3+ years of research, experimentation and refinement.

I’ve tried and tested countless frameworks, studied research papers, delved into neuroscience and examined natural biological rhythms — all to gain a better return on my time.

I developed and refined my findings into a powerful system that has revolutionised the way I work. With Focus Drivers, I’ve been able to accomplish more in less time, achieve my goals with greater ease, and enjoy a sense of clarity and purpose that I never thought possible. In this course, you will learn how to utilise cognitive effort as a way to always do the right thing at the right time.

By understanding the mental energy required for different tasks, you will be able to prioritise your work more effectively — optimising your productivity and reaching your goals.

Who is this course for?

Reclaim your time and fuel your focus with a course tailored for:

  • Creatives who want to be more productive, while maintaining an environment that fosters creativity.
  • Entrepreneurs searching for high-impact strategies to elevate their personal growth and project success.
  • Remote Workers adjusting to the new normal, embracing increased flexibility, yet striving to utilise it wisely and productively.
  • Neuro-divergent individuals, such as those with ADHD, addressing attention-related challenges and working to enhance focus.

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What you’ll learn

In Focus Drivers, you’ll learn how to harness your peak performance periods for demanding tasks while creating lower-energy periods for less intensive activities.

  • Group tasks into cognitive modes
  • Assess the energy required for actions
  • Break your work into highly productive cycles
  • Differentiate between gaining and using knowledge
  • Manage your energy levels for optimal performance
  • Plan your day to optimise your focus and productivity
  • Identify where to invest more time and where to step back

Understanding Cognitive Effort

Learn how to define and measure cognitive effort, how it affects your productivity, and how to identify your own limits and strengths.


Identifying Your Focus Modes

Discover the four focus modes, their key characteristics and benefits, and how to determine which mode is best suited for different types of tasks.


Categorising Tasks by Cognitive Effort

Learn how to categorise your daily tasks based on their cognitive effort and priority level, and how to plan your day for optimised productivity.


Optimising Your Time with Focus Fuel

Explore strategies for managing your focus fuel throughout the day, including the importance of breaks, how to align your tasks with your energy levels, and how to stay motivated and avoid distractions.


Adapting Your Focus Drivers

Learn how to adapt and change your focus modes and strategies as your day or priorities change, including how to deal with unexpected challenges or interruptions.


Enhancing Your Focus Drivers

Discover how to fine-tune your focus drivers and develop new habits and routines to enhance your cognitive energy and achieve your goals, including strategies for self-reflection and feedback.

How you'll learn

Focus Drivers is designed to provide a rich and engaging learning experience. Throughout the course, you can expect:

  • Video Lessons: Follow along with in-depth video content, breaking down concepts into easy-to-understand visuals and demonstrations.
  • Text Materials: Explanations, examples, and insights to help reinforce your understanding of the course material.
  • Templates: Ready-to-use templates designed to help you apply the concepts learned in the course to your daily life.