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The Battle Between Early Birds and Night Owls

The focus on waking time as a productivity metric is misguided.

Society’s got this fixation on tagging early risers as the gold standard of discipline and productivity.

For me, this is a narrow viewpoint.

To think one size fits all when it comes to human performance. Who decided morning worms are tastier than midnight snacks, anyway?

Let’s dive in:

There’s no award for being an early riser

This singular approach of a universal time to wake is damaging.

It’s like forcing your feet into shoes that just don’t fit. It’s unnecessary and it hurts.

We’ve all heard the hype around 4 AM wake-up calls, ice baths, and sunrise journaling. Meanwhile, those who come alive at night are often viewed through a lens of disappointment.

The real problem?

Adhering to a rigid, one-size-fits-all mindset limits our true potential. This approach does not just leave us feeling out of sync; it prevents us from leveraging our natural rhythms to achieve greater impact.

Productivity comes from alignment with our internal clock, not the time on your phone.

The right action at the wrong time is still the wrong action.

Science Drop

Chronobiology shows us that our internal clocks are as individual as our fingerprints.

That means our peak hours might hit when the sun’s high. Or maybe they sneak up when the stars are out.

Your peak hours? They’re as personal as your playlist.

Think about what life could be like if you were in sync with your inner clock. No more grumpy mornings or nighttime guilt. Instead, you do your best work when you’re naturally most alert and your brain’s firing on all cylinders.

It’s not about who’s up first; it’s about who’s in tune with their rhythm.

Time for a Rhythm Revolution

  1. Energy Log: For a week, note down when you’re feeling like a rockstar and when you’re not. Look for your rhythm.
  2. Find Your Prime Time: Look at your notes. When were you on fire? That’s a golden hour. Look at not just energy but excitement levels.
  3. Reshape Your Day: Arrange your schedule around these peaks. Big tasks and heavy lifts? That’s when to make them happen.

Ditching the early-versus-late playbook doesn’t mean chaos; it means freedom.

Freedom to hit your stride on your terms.

Forget the worms and the stars. This is about seizing your moment, whenever that is. Because really, the best time to work? It’s whenever you work best.​

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