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Harness Your Cognitive Ability & Fuel Your Focus

Every Saturday, get one actionable insight to improve your productivity, leverage frameworks for focus and be more intentional with your time.

I’ve spent 14+ years running an award-winning web design business.

Running your own business makes productivity obvious.

If you're unproductive — you don't make money, bills don't get paid, and the lights go off. This battle-tested experience has helped me distinguish between busy work and true productivity. My goal is to provide you with practical, tried-and-tested advice that gets you a better return on your time.

That's why I created Focus Drivers, a framework to tackle tasks based on cognitive effort. By identifying and prioritizing tasks that require the most mental energy, you can work more efficiently and effectively. Join the course waitlist.

To help you stay on track and keep moving forward, I send the Focus Fuel newsletter every Saturday. It's filled with actionable tips and insights that will help you achieve greater productivity. Join now and start driving forward.

Dave Meier
Dave Meier