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Harnessing Hulk-Like Emotional Energy

Harnessing Hulk-Like Emotional Energy

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”

Bruce Banner

His pulse rashes, adrenaline surges, and a mix of frustration and anger fuels his transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk is unstoppable. His rage fuels incredible power and strength.

What if you could tap into a similar sort of energy?

No, I don’t mean you’ll turn green and start smashing through walls (although that would be pretty cool). I’m talking about channelling the emotions you experience to fuel your efforts.

Sounds crazy? Let me explain.

Stop forcing positivity

You’ve probably been taught that positivity is the key to productivity.

“Turn that frown upside down,” or “Smile while you dial”, they say. We all have those days when forcing happiness is like trying to ride a bicycle with square wheels — clunky, awkward, and inefficient.

The world is not all rainbows and sunshine.

It’s a mix of textures, flavours, and personalities. Our experiences, and our emotions, are diverse. We’re not one-dimensional beings, so why should our approach to action and effort be one-dimensional?

The truth is that non-stop positivity is unrealistic and exhausting.

It’s not real life.

In reality, our emotions run the entire spectrum from joy to sorrow, and each plays a crucial role in our lives. Harness positive and negative energetic emotions as a power source, reducing the effort needed to push through our actions.

A hidden powerhouse of energy

Emotions are not simply positive or negative.

There are high-energy and low-energy emotions. Anger, frustration or fear — considered negative emotions — are high-energy states. Our brains respond to these high-energy emotions with increased focus and determination.

Think about fight or flight. It comes from fear. But its very name shows how it is an energetic response to a negative feeling.

We’re wired to act in response to these intense emotions.

Energetic vs draining emotions

Differentiating between energetic and draining emotions is a key aspect.

Energetic emotions trigger a spike in your energy levels, inspiring action. On the other hand, draining emotions tend to steal your energy and motivation, often leaving you feeling stuck. Every emotion has its place and time, and understanding their energy can help manage them effectively for your needs.

Here’s a short comparison list (add more yourself):

Energising EmotionsDraining Emotions

The E3 method

To harness this untapped energy source, I apply the ‘E3 Method’:

  1. Identifying my EMOTIONS [E1]: Becoming aware of what I’m feeling without judgment.
  2. Assessing their ENERGY [E2]: Understand if the emotions are high or low energy.
  3. Directing my EFFORT [E3]: Use high-energy emotions to fuel action and creativity.

Ride the waves of your emotional energy

Stop looking at emotions as good or bad. Think how the energetic emotions can drive you. Let your inner Hulk smash through the barriers, and watch your focus soar and action become effortless.

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