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Are you leaving your best ideas in the shower?

You’re soaping up in the shower, humming your favourite song.

Then BAM!

A business idea so brilliant, it’s borderline scandalous. You hop out, dripping water everywhere like a dog shaking the rain off. You NEED to capture this idea before it disappears.

But just like the mist on the mirror — it’s gone.

​Why does our brain serve us gold when we’re wet and unprepared?

Brain Networking: The Behind-The-Scenes Magic

Here’s the neuro magic that happens.

There’s a delicate dance between focused attention and relaxed thinking. When these two states tango, the music they create is brilliance.

  1. Default Mode Network (DMN): Imagine it as your brain’s background app, always running but never in the foreground. It’s you when you’re daydreaming, connecting unrelated dots.
  2. Executive Control Network (ECN): Your brain’s taskmaster. The efficient, always-logging, super attentive version of you.

Now, these two rarely chat.

But in moments of relaxation, like our steamy showers, they have a surprise meetup. And voilà, you get those “wait, what?” ideas.

Remember Archimedes? He had his “Eureka!” moment in the bath.

Paul McCartney dreamt the melody of “Yesterday” and rushed out to compose.

But as solopreneurs, we can’t leave these brainwaves in the steam.

Harnessing This Brain Cocktail for Your Business

For the hardworking solopreneur, these eureka moments could be goldmines.

But waiting for your next bath might not be the most productive strategy.

Here’s how to nudge your brain into enlightenment:

  1. Brainstorm Bounce: Dedicate 30 focused minutes on a business issue, then let your mind wander for the next 10. The abrupt switch can conjure up some unexpected solutions.
  2. Voice Memo Power Play: A voice memo app is a superhero’s sidekick. When those lightbulb moments happen while cooking or running, just hit record. They’re too valuable to let slip.
  3. Solopreneur Sync-Up: Schedule work bursts followed by chill-out periods. The idea is to jump between focus and drift intentionally, urging your DMN and ECN to collaborate more often.

Ideas Are Currency. Don’t Let Them Slip

For entrepreneurs, especially those navigating the waters alone, insights can be transformative.

By syncing your brain’s power duo networks, you don’t just get ideas, you capture them. It adds to your mental arsenal, ready to be deployed when needed.

The ball’s in your court.

Try one (or all) of these techniques today. Let’s see what genius lies beyond the steam.

Reply here and tell me which works best for you. Or if you found other ways to encourage those eureka moments.

Until next time.

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