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Shelters, Studios & Skyscrapers — Mapping Your Business Needs

We’re all architects of our own business dreams.

But what type of business blueprint are we designing?

There are 3 main types of businesses you can build: a shelter, a studio, or a skyscraper.

Each has its purpose, its challenges, and its rewards.

Let’s dive in and explore what each means for you and your business.

Survival Mode: The Shelter

Think of survival in business as pitching a tent.

It does have to be big and complex. This is about the immediate. Getting those first few clients, paying your bills and putting some quick wins in the bag. It’s your business in its most basic form, but don’t underestimate its power.

Your shelter is where you learn the ropes, build resilience, and prepare for bigger things.

It’s about taking those initial steps that get you in the game.

🔥 Action: Identify where your potential clients hang out. Is it LinkedIn, local business meet ups, or online forums? Go where they are and start pitching.

Scaling Up: The Studio

As you move from survival to stability, you build a studio.

This isn’t just about more space; it’s about more opportunities, bigger goals, and better returns. Scaling up means increased effort and longer timelines, but it also means greater rewards.

It’s the sweet spot for many entrepreneurs who want growth without the complexities of a large corporation.

🔥 Action: Implement one system this week that saves you time, like automating your invoicing process or using a scheduling tool for social media posts.

Soaring High: The Skyscraper

Aiming for a skyscraper is building that 200 million dollar business.

It’s an ambitious dream that requires significant resources, time, and a large dose of reality. Building a skyscraper isn’t just an upscaled version of a shelter. It’s a whole different game with its own rules.

🔥 Reflection Point: Take a moment and ask yourself, “Do I want the life that comes with running a massive enterprise? Do I have the resources to build a skyscraper?” Your answers might surprise you.

Finding Your Fit: It’s Okay to Not Want a Skyscraper

Here’s the most important part: Everyone does not need the same type of structure.

It’s all about what fits you and your vision.

Sarah, started as a part-time freelance writer (her shelter) and gradually built her own content agency (her studio). She had the opportunity to expand and build a skyscraper. But chose to maintain a balance between growth and personal life, proving that success is defined by your own terms.

Understanding what you truly want

  1. Focus on Immediate Goals: Do you simply need to secure your first few clients and stabilize your income? Or do you need systems in place to stop leaving money on the table? Or do you need to invest in more long-term efforts with returns further away.
  2. Plan for Growth: As you stabilize, think about what comes next. What does scaling up look like for you?
  3. Understand Your Ambitions: Do you want a skyscraper business? Or is a studio more your style? Align your efforts with your true desires.
  4. Be Flexible: Your business can change over time. Be open to evolving from a shelter to a studio, or even a skyscraper, as your needs and ambitions change.

Whether you’re setting up your tent or drafting plans for your studio, remember: your business should reflect your goals, your capabilities, and your dreams.​

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