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Recurring revenue means one less website you have to create

There is a difference between ‘having to’ do something and ‘choosing to’ do something.

When I started my business, all work was billed per project. Every month meant starting at zero again.

Chatting to new leads, sending quotes and hoping for more work to come in.

Some months were great. Some months we’re bad.

The bad months can knock your confidence and make you doubt your prices, people skills and design abilities.

The problem with per project income is how unpredictable it is

It’s feast or famine.

That can force you into ‘having to’ take on projects you don’t want or are not suitable for.

It can make you drop your prices below profitable.

The busy times can give you a false sense of security — encouraging you to spend, hire, and grow too quickly.

Recurring revenue gives you back the control

Adding a service that you bill monthly or yearly for won’t change your business overnight.

But an ongoing subscription stops you from starting at zero next month. And each month onwards.

Each recurring payment increases overall income — for consistent growth.

It’s will give you the confidence to be more selective about the projects and people you work with.

Predictable, repeating income is the difference between ‘having to’ and ‘choosing to’.

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