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How to Turn Struggles into Strengths

As we head into the holiday season, let’s unwrap a thought that’s feels a little counterintuitive but is incredibly powerful.

It’s something that has helped me make growth without it feeling like a grind.

Today, I want to talk about a concept I call “Struggles and Summits.”

The concept is:

True growth and strength comes from the struggles we face, not only the outcomes we chase.

Let’s dive in.

The Mountain Within

Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first climber to conquer Everest said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

We often get hung up on reaching the peak, the end-goal, the big win. Or we dwell on our failures of not reaching the desired end point.

But real transformative growth happens.

That happens during the climb.

It happens during the struggle.

Climbers aren’t just summit-chasers. They seek the challenge and the transformation it brings. Each gruelling step isn’t just a move towards the top; it’s a building block of personal growth.

The Path, Not Just the Peak

Struggles and Summits is all about valuing the path as much as the peak.

It’s understanding how our challenges shape us more profoundly than our achievements.

Take my pal Jeremy Singh. He’s a running coach and a certified nutcase (in the best way).

This guy runs 100-mile races. Not for fitness or the finish line, but for the struggle itself.

He knows that beyond the immense effort lies resilience and strength unattainable through a casual jog. The real growth is in pushing your limits.

Gym Gains: A Metaphor for Life

Think about your gym routine.

You’re not there just for the vibes. You’re there to add resistance, tear those muscles a bit, and emerge stronger. It’s the challenging reps that build strength, not the easy ones.

This is like life’s struggles. You overcome challenges by breaking down — to build back up stronger.

Neuroscience Backs It Up

And guess what?

Neuroscience is on board with this!

Facing struggles triggers neuroplasticity, allowing our brains to adapt and grow.

Moderate stress enhances resilience.

And it’s not just the achievement that triggers dopamine release, but the journey too, fuelling motivation and learning.

Embrace the Struggle

As you reflect over the holidays, don’t just dodge what you dislike.

Identify a challenge, something that intimidates you, and step into it.

Let the struggle mould and fortify you.

Seek challenges for growth, not just comfort or perfect outcomes.

The Strength in Struggle

Don’t just embrace the struggle.

See the struggle as your strength building routine. It’s where growth happens. It’s how resilience is built, and new heights are reached.

Struggles and Summits isn’t just a concept; it’s a life approach. It’s a reminder that our most valuable lessons and growth come from the trials we endure.

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